Many Hats To Wear – The Versatility Of An Event Manager

Female Project Manager wearing multiple hats to signify versatility of professionEvent management has many facets and so do the responsibilities of an event manager. Determining responsibilities can get a bit confusing. Especially when you look at the different job titles and job descriptions circulating in the industry. But in reality it is quite simple: As an event manager, you do it all!

While there are team members to support you, the final responsibility is in your court. It’s all about versatility! Challenging, but it truly is one of the aspects I love most about event management.

Working as an event manager, you might feel as if you were wearing a magician’s hat. But let me tell you: there are many more hats waiting for you.

Don’t hesitate, put them on!

I. The hat of a Project Manager:

I am convinced that an event manager can only be truly successful when following project management principles. Let’s face it: running an event is running a project! To organize yourself and your team, you likely work with these tools: event plans and schedules, checklists, and the infamous Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). While we are heading from initiation to event success, we plan details, execute our plan, and monitor and control all processes involved. And at the end, we put our efforts to rest. But only after documenting valuable lessons learned. Voila! Project management at it’s best.

II. The hat of a Creative Director:

Formulating a unique creative concept is one of the best parts of planning an event for me. You and your team can let your imagination run wild. As a creative project manager, you are not only brainstorming and designing entertainment concepts. You also work on (social) media integration, rely on effects made possible with modern technologies, integrate creative sound options, and develop an inspiring decorating plan. A dream, if you have a creative bone in you!

III. Hat of a Procurement Expert:

Events Logistics Manager working with Phones and ComputerAre you tapping your network to get the best possible conditions for needed services? And negotiating the fine print of contracts? While at the same time juggling logistics? And burning up the phone lines tracking orders? This is all part of the game. Responsible for logistics to run smoothly, you as an event manager are being put to the test. So whip out your people skills, get ready for negotiating, and brush up on your knowledge of local laws. These skills will serve you well!

IV. The hat of a Marketer:

Part of your responsibilities as an event manager is supporting development of a marketing strategy for the event. And your goal is to market the event not only to potential guests, but also to your sponsors. Guests should be encouraged to attend, and your client, or management team, likely needs some convincing to put up funding for you and your plans. Therefore, it’s vital to point out the USP of the event. Keep in mind: Hosting an event is an excellent opportunity to sell an experience that reflects the company’s mission and vision. Be creative, think outside the box, and wow them all!

V. The hat of a Budget Officer:

Like it or not: The number game is part of every event manager’s job. Above all: Your success as an event manager is partially determined by event costs staying within your assigned budget! Granted, it’s not much fun hovering over numbers and spreadsheets. But only with a complete set of numbers can you make informed decisions. Budgets are not only essential for event planning purposes. They also serve as great reporting- and communication tool. Especially in interactions with clients, and with your team. To get ahead, do stay on top of your numbers at all times!

There certainly are many more hats fitting event manager’s heads out there!

Which hats do you wear?

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- Mona


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8 thoughts on “Many Hats To Wear – The Versatility Of An Event Manager

  1. Renatta Emerson

    This is so true. A hat I would add to the list (and my personal favorite) would be the Communication Specialist. It is our role to understand the client’s goals and vision for the event (which can often start out vague and scattered) and translate them into an experience that effectively communicates the desired message to the audience.

  2. Yvette Fleming

    This is a great summation of my role! Love this! Sometimes when I explain this title, I lose all the aspects of the tasks performed. Thank You!! I will no longer say that I “plan events”.

  3. Caroline Button

    This is a really true and succinct way to describe the role – especially as I’m job hunting at the moment.


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