Event Attendees and Trick-or-Treaters – Cut From The Same Cloth?

Corporate Event Attendee shown at Halloween

Stocking up on candy for Halloween, I am allowing my mind to wander to a recent corporate event I organized. I am noticing similarities. Similarities between the guests at the corporate function, and the young trick-or-treaters I am expecting at my house tomorrow night.

Would it be fair to say that they both are cut from the same cloth? I will let you be the judge:

Corporate Event Attendees and Trick-or-Treaters often …

… make themselves up before stepping out the house.
Event guests and trick-or-treaters put lots of effort into presenting themselves in the best light. First impressions count after all – for executives, as well as for little princesses. Shine on!

… stick to their neighborhood.
An event location close to their office is attractive to corporate clients. At Halloween, so is the three-block radius around his home to the young cowboy. The convenience of vicinity does make a big difference in number of attendees, both, at your corporate event and your front steps.

…. like to show up in company.
Nobody prefers to approach the unknown on their own, not even Superman on Halloween! Whether colleagues team up to attend a corporate networking function, or Disney characters join forces as they head out in the dark, I say: the more the merrier

… appreciate creativity and design.
Tombstones and spider webs are admittedly a far cry from best practices in corporate event design. They might, however, fulfill the same purpose as fancy uplighting and stage design do. Don’t you want to be wowed by a location? Don’t you appreciate creative and trendy environments? I certainly do – be it a decorated front yard, or a dressed up conference center.

… love to be spoiled with treats.
Candy corn, chocolate bars, and gummy treats for the little zombies at Halloween vs. the open bar and buffet? I would argue that the latter are as well visited as my front porch on October 31. Never mind the treats in goodie bags leaving corporate functions, as well as my house at the end of the night!

[Follow the link for more tips on how to choose corporate event giveaways].

So what is your verdict? Please share why you do or do not think trick-or-treaters and corporate event attendees are cut from the same cloth.

- Mona


2 thoughts on “Event Attendees and Trick-or-Treaters – Cut From The Same Cloth?

  1. chris harmen

    Before reading your blog post, i can never imagine that one can see any similarity between a corporate event and a casual event like a Halloween party. Event management company holds a great responsibility in making an event successful. I will definitely read the link that you have mentioned. Keep posting.

    1. Admin by Mona

      There are so many parallels between simple day-to-day activities I go about in my free time, and organizing corporate events professionally. Sometimes the parallels are just super obvious. – My thoughts when preparing for trick-or-treating reflect just some of the many examples ;-)


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