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Event Attendees and Trick-or-Treaters – Cut From The Same Cloth?

Corporate Event Attendee shown at Halloween

Stocking up on candy for Halloween, I am allowing my mind to wander to a recent corporate event I organized. I am noticing similarities. Similarities between the guests at the corporate function, and the young trick-or-treaters I am expecting at my house tomorrow night.

Would it be fair to say that they both are cut from the same cloth? I will let you be the judge:

Corporate Event Attendees and Trick-or-Treaters often …

… make themselves up before stepping out the house.
Event guests and trick-or-treaters put lots of effort into presenting themselves in the best light. First impressions count after all – for executives, as well as for little princesses. Shine on!

… stick to their neighborhood. Continue reading

Pulling-Off A Polished Corporate Holiday Celebration

Lounge as part of Holiday Event DecorationEven though temperatures on the US East Coast still linger around 80 degrees F, fall is knocking at our door. There still seems to be plenty of time, but don’t be fooled: having booked the location already earlier in the year, right now is the time preparation for your holiday event should kick into full gear.

We all have a general idea of how we want an employee holiday celebration to be set-up. The format for holiday festivities targeted at corporate clients differs from that image, though. Continue reading