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Big Moments – Make Your Award Show Shine Like The Oscars!

Oscar Statue for Article on how to organize award showsPlanners, it’s the time of the year again: The Grammys, Tony Awards, and Academy Awards are already knocking at our doors.

Take them as inspiration and use the following additions to your daily event-planning routines to have your next corporate award ceremony shine as well:

1. Clarify Expectations

It takes hundreds of helping hands to make corporate award shows spectacular. Preparations take time, and cost a good deal of money. You and your event sponsor need to be on the same page when it comes to Continue reading

Event Guide: How To Turn Attendees Into Happy Guests – Part 1

Corporate event success celebrated with thumbs up by attendeeThere are many aspects that affect a guest’s impression of your corporate event. Recruiting an enticing speaker, and selecting a trendy topic, no longer suffice. So what does the trick? How do you turn attendees into happy guests?

The answer is simple: Improve the event experience for your attendees!

Follow these rules, and your guests will keep coming back again for more! Continue reading

All In! – The Corporate Event Industry Talk

Symbol reading the words ‘Measuring Corporate Event Success – Return on Investment and Return on Objectives’Measuring Corporate Event Success – The Importance of ROI and ROO

“To not measure an event is a careless use of funds in these financially challenging times. How can you ask for event funding if you cannot objectively report how well your previous events have performed?,” challenges Harris Schanhaut, a 20-year veteran in the events industry in our recent interview. His question is a valid one.

Which options for quantifying corporate event success are available to the events industry, and how can they best be implemented? Continue reading