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All In! – The Corporate Event Industry Talk

Image reading ‘Conference Success Roadmap’Roadmap To Organizing A Successful Conference – Part 4

It’s the final stretch, and the day of the conference is fast approaching. In Parts 1Mother and father attending conference with son and daughter through 3, we looked at the strategic, logistic, and ‘people side’ of planning a large-scale event.

Now it’s time to perfect some more details along the road to providing attendees the best conference experience possible:

16. Family Program

Multiple-day conferences often come with the difficult decision of spending time with family vs. spending it on education. Consider offering a family program to ease this dilemma for attendees.

“Sometimes it can benefit the event to encourage Continue reading

All In! – The Corporate Event Industry Talk

Image reading ‘Conference Success Roadmap’Roadmap To Organizing A Successful Conference – Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we focused on the planning processes and logistics that lead to a successful conference. Now, it’s time to look at the most essential part of the puzzle: the people side of planning large events.

11. Staff Communications

Many hands are on board, and it is your responsibility to communicate effectively and efficiently with all. My advice: Listen to your team’s needs, be predictable, and live by what you preach. Continue reading

Event Attendees and Trick-or-Treaters – Cut From The Same Cloth?

Corporate Event Attendee shown at Halloween

Stocking up on candy for Halloween, I am allowing my mind to wander to a recent corporate event I organized. I am noticing similarities. Similarities between the guests at the corporate function, and the young trick-or-treaters I am expecting at my house tomorrow night.

Would it be fair to say that they both are cut from the same cloth? I will let you be the judge:

Corporate Event Attendees and Trick-or-Treaters often …

… make themselves up before stepping out the house.
Event guests and trick-or-treaters put lots of effort into presenting themselves in the best light. First impressions count after all – for executives, as well as for little princesses. Shine on!

… stick to their neighborhood. Continue reading

Learn from a Justin Bieber Concert – An Event Planner’s Perspective

Event-Planning-Tips-Justin-Bieber-ConcertLove it or hate it! I attended a Justin Bieber concert this past weekend. My brother advised me not to tell anyone – anyone! – about the experience. Well, here I am, telling.

While being surrounded by high-pitch screams, I turned into event planner mode. And, in addition to finally being able to name a Justin Bieber song, here is what I took away from the experience.

Bieber does it, and event planners should follow suit!

1. Know your audience!

Make your audience believers [Beliebers???] and give them exactly what they came for. Know your attendees just like Bieber knows his fans. Having two teen Continue reading