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Event Guide: How To Turn Attendees Into Happy Guests – Part 1

Corporate event success celebrated with thumbs up by attendeeThere are many aspects that affect a guest’s impression of your corporate event. Recruiting an enticing speaker, and selecting a trendy topic, no longer suffice. So what does the trick? How do you turn attendees into happy guests?

The answer is simple: Improve the event experience for your attendees!

Follow these rules, and your guests will keep coming back again for more! Continue reading

Many Hats To Wear – The Versatility Of An Event Manager

Female Project Manager wearing multiple hats to signify versatility of professionEvent management has many facets and so do the responsibilities of an event manager. Determining responsibilities can get a bit confusing. Especially when you look at the different job titles and job descriptions circulating in the industry. But in reality it is quite simple: As an event manager, you do it all!

While there are team members to support you, the final responsibility is in your court. It’s all about versatility! Challenging, but it truly is one of the aspects I love most about event management. Continue reading