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Turning Snafus Into Full-Fledged Event Success

Having recently suffered through a VIP speaking into the reading lamp at the podium rather than the microphone, I now am certain: no conference is ever going to be perfect!

No matter how many lessons you think you have learned, you will not succeed with your mission for perfection. Each event is unique, and thus poses new challenges. Event Managers, let’s concede: Mishaps are part of the job!

As the ‘go to’ person for organizing events, you know that excelling in this role is not only about avoiding said tricky situations. It’s rather about being prepared for the worst-case scenarios. And the decisions made once the inevitable occurs. Your ability to exhibit creativity, maintain a sense of humor, think outside the box, keep a cool head in tricky situations, and an open mind when it counts most, will make or break your event. Continue reading