Mona’s Event Dos & Dont’s

This blog has sprung out of a passion – a passion for events. All events! And it is intended to in turn spark passion – passion for all the little details associated with an event.


I am Simone Poetscher, the founder of Mona’s Event Dos & Don’ts. Having been in the events industry for more than a decade, I have been responsible for managing hundreds of events in Europe and North America. Events of all shapes and sizes from multiple-day event series, international conferences, award shows, lectures, presentations, seminars, discussions, and press conferences to social events, and more.

Through the years, there have been countless experiences – some positive, some negative – that I feel are worth sharing. While I agree that ‘we learn most from our own experiences,’ I also believe in the value and opportunity for growth that comes from exchange with others. I personally strive when drawing inspiration from people in my surrounding. From those in the events industry, event participants, or simply a stranger I chat with during a train ride.

With this blog, I hope to pass on some inspiration by sharing with you my experiences, opinions, tips and tricks, lessons learned, and certainly some dos and don’ts.


I started out my career in events in private industry in my native Austria, working with architects, entrepreneurs, and players of the social scene. Since my move to the US in 2006, I have been designing events for clients ranging from international dignitaries to politicians, diplomats, scientists, Nobel laureates, and more.

My formal education stems from the fields of Communications and Project Management. I earned a Masters degree in Communications from the University of Vienna, Austria, and hold a certificate of Project Management from Georgetown University. I am also a Project Management Professional (PMP) certified by the Project Management Institute, which is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers.

For me, however, the key to success in the events industry is to approach each and every event with passion. I have started out as an excited kid, being the organizer rather than guest of honor at my own childhood birthday parties. This excitement has grown into the passion I have for organizing events today.

Now, two decades later, I am blessed to be able to share my experiences with you. – Through the persona “Mona” – a nickname that’s followed me through the years.