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Event Postproduction 101 – The 5 Things Corporate Planners Need To Tackle Immediately After An Event

End of corporate event - closed signSo, your event went relatively well, and your guests are out the door. Don’t stop now! Caffeine will have to keep you going just a little longer.

Postproduction—the management activities following an event—is an essential part of event management. It lays the groundwork for future success with your target attendees. And your post-event report to the event sponsor will justify expenses and efforts affiliated with production.

While most aspects of postproduction can wait a few days, there are five things planners need to get going within 24 hours: Continue reading

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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Why And How To Thank Your Event Team

Event Performance Evaluation Chart ranking performance from excellent to poor

A recent Gallup poll found that less than half of US employees are completely satisfied when asked about how they are recognized for the work they do. This means, that more than half are not entirely happy with the praise they get from their supervisors.

The poll results are concerning to me. Not only because they imply a lack of empathy employers have for their employees, but also, because of the loss of productivity that often goes hand in hand with dissatisfaction at a workplace.

I do believe in giving credit where credit is due. It is a notion I want to see implemented throughout all layers of the events and meetings industries. Without their teams, event managers would not be able to create the event experiences guests deserve. Wouldn’t it be natural to show appreciation to those who make it all happen?

The WHY … of giving praise

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Empathy – A Place For It In Event Management?

Pill Bottles labeled ‘A Dose of Empathy’“Empathy is the ability to understand others. It’s a critical business tool.” were Carly Fiorina’s opening words at a recent panel discussion I attended. Fiorina and her fellow panelist view empathy as an essential part of leadership, and vital for corporate success. This led me to wonder if, and where, there is a place for empathy in event management.

Being empathic simply is imagining ourselves in another person’s shoes. And then acting accordingly!

This skill certainly is one every event manager needs to perfect. Operating empathically often means bringing business down to a personal and emotional level. – The people-level. And in event management, people are the one factor that can make or break an event. Continue reading